Baby photography in 1 month of life.

  • photography is carried out at home or in a specially equipped studio
  • the assistant assistant poser is present all the time the duration of the photo shoot 3−5 hours
  • set of photography accessories 10 photos in artistic retouching

€ 350

* rent of a photo studio is paid separately

* photo session with a professional poser + 5 000 rub.

«Children's photo session»

  • Individual photo shoot, family photo shoot up to 4 people.
  • taking pictures at home, on the street or in a photo studio*
  • 50 photos from each hour of shooting in the basic processing 5 photos in artistic retouching from every hour of shooting

€ 100 per hour

* rent of a photo studio is paid separately

«The first year of life»

  • Wholesale cheaper;)
  • Creating an annual history of your baby (meeting from the hospital, Newborn, shooting throughout the year)
  • photography once a month, up to 1 birthday shooting time 1 hour
  • A photo story of your baby’s development in a premium photo book, 30×22cm, for 20 turns in a beautiful package that will be filled with photos from all shootings.

€ 1100

* rent of a photo studio is paid separately

«Discharging from maternity hospital»

  • photography of a meeting between mom and baby in the hospital
  • small photo session inside or near the hospital

€ 100 per hour


  • photography of the whole sacrament of baptism
  • a small photo session inside or near the Temple

€ 100 per hour


  • Perfect option for those who like to hold photos in their hands
  • formats: square, horizontal, vertical
  • size from 20×20cm

Pleasant to touch, great quality PHOTO BOOKS , for many years they will delight you, your loved ones, children and grandchildren!

€ 250

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